Course Information

Developed by our in-house staff, our Spring Tactical Exercise Cadet Combat Course is designed to be extremely exciting and competitive. Two equally numbered squads will begin the competition. They will be instructed on the science and art of organizing a military force, and the techniques for combining and using weapons and military units to engage and defeat an enemy in battle. They will also learn how best to deploy and employ forces on a small scale. Some practices have not changed since the dawn of warfare: ambushes, seeking and turning flanks, maintaining reconnaissance, creating and using obstacles and defenses, etc. Using ground to best advantage has not changed much either. Heights, rivers, swamps, passes, choke points, and natural cover, can all be used in multiple ways.

Once the classroom instruction is completed, the two opposing squads will use the techniques they have learned in a three day field training exercise. We will again utilize our 60 acre campus to bivouac and for both our day and night missions.

PLEASE NOTE: We must have a minimum of 10 Cadets/Recruits to hold the courses per week, so there is a possibility of cancellation if we are unable to attain that number. Fees can be applied to other weeks or a summer program.

Program Pricing

STC Session 1 | March 31 - April 6th | $1550

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