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The Cadet Internship Program is for Cadets who have interests in areas in the military that are non-combat related, or combat support roles. We offer internships in Supply and Logistics, Administration, Command Support (Aid-de-Camp), Culinary Arts, Medical, Public Affairs, Security and Information Technology. This program is open to Cadets who have completed the Cadet Basic Training course, and must be intervieved by camp staff prior to acceptance. Rather than using the standard application form, applicants must contact Camp Sousley prior

Roles available:

  • Aid-de-Camp: Cadets will work as administrative aids to the USAC Commander and Post Commanders. This role will only be open to responsible and proven senior Cadets (Corporal and above). Organization and time management skills are a must (Very limited slots available).
  • Administration: Trustworthy and responsible Cadets with good organizational skills will assist in the everyday affairs of the organization, from personnel paperwork, filing and organizing, answering phone calls, assisting in the student store, and other areas as needed.
  • Culinary Arts: Cadets interested in the culinary arts will get immersed in what it takes to run a busy kitchen. They will assist in the preparation, serving, and head kitchen maintenance during camp. Cadets interested in this internship must complete an on-line certification in food handling prior to coming to camp, and bring the certificate of completion with them. Information on how to do so will be provided upon registration.
  • Medical: Cadet NCOs (Corporal or above) interested in assisting in our medical department will perform basic first aid under adult supervision during times of need, as well as assist the camp nurse in maintaining and assisting in monitoring sick attendees, as well as keeping and organizing medical office records. Cadet NCOs applying for this internship must be interviewed by our staff prior to acceptance, and must acquire a Adult/Child/Infant CPR and Standard First Aid certification from a nationally recognized certification organization (i.e. the American Red Cross or American Heart Association) within 3 months of coming to camp.
  • Public Affairs: Cadets with an interest in journalism, photography, and social media will thrive as they get hands-on experience in their field. Assisting the Camp Sousley Director of Public Affairs, Cadets will receive training to augment current skills, and produce products that will be published on Camp Sousley websites, social media, and possibly print media outside Camp Sousley. By the end summer, it is guaranteed that their work will be seen with their bi-line and photo credits published online. Interns need to bring their own laptops loaded with appropriate software (Adobe offers discount for students for $19.99 per month), capability to transfer images and footage, and camera equipment.
  • Supply and Logistics: Maintaining critical supplies in an organization is key to its success. Your Cadet will work alongside our supply section Cadre, assisting with tracking and organizing supplies, working with them during issue and turn-in, paperwork, and other functions necessary that support cadre and cadets alike. The work can sometimes be hard and require heavy lifting. Cadets must be trustworthy and responsible, as they will have access to our supply areas.
  • nformation Technology: This is the perfect program for Cadets that have knowledge in computers, IT infrastructure and networking. You will work alongside our IT professionals and assist in maintaining and expanding our IT structure. Candidates for this internship must be interviewed by our IT systems personnel prior to being accepted into this program to ensure basic knowledge and qualifications.
  • Security: Assisting the adult cadre in ensuring the safety of the campus under the direction of the Camp Sousley Provost Marshal, cadets will get perform foot patrols, gate duty, and answer calls for service.

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