Is this a program for at-risk kids?

Absolutely not! Simply put, our Cadets must be crime-free, drug-free and have the ability to do well in school. We do not accept court-ordered students and are NOT a substitute for the juvenile justice system. In fact, we are just the opposite. All Cadets need to be willing participants. No one is held here against their will. Though we do encourage Cadets to remain and complete their programs, parents do have the option to disenroll their children early at their expense. Credit for future MACs may be given on a case-by-case basis.

How safe is the campus?

Camp Sousley is staffed by adults 24 hours a day, and is also well monitored with security cameras when students are on campus. Camp Sousley Camp has strict code of conduct policies with regards to hazing, touching and student violence. By any standard, Military Adventure Camp can be considered a very safe campus.

Is my Cadet obligated to join the military as a result from participation in camp?

Absolutely not. We are not affiliated with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, the U.S. Army, or any other military service for that matter. We are simply a military and defense career exploration program. Your Cadet will be provided a realistic exposure to military life, allowing them to decide for themselves if service in uniform later in life is something for them. Your Cadet will have the benefit of speaking to our cadre, most of whom have served in the military, and can provide honest answers regarding military service, based on their real-world experience.​

When will I hear from my Cadet?

Cadets are afforded the opportunity to make phone calls during certain points in their training, but not daily. Cell phones will not be allowed during training – they are confiscated and stored in a safe until the Cadet gets ready to depart camp. They will also not have access to computers to post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, if you have a personal emergency or need to get in touch with your Cadet, call our front office number at 859-608-3155. We encourage letter writing, as they tend to be a real and tangible comfort for the Cadets.

Can I visit my Cadet at Camp?

Parents are not encouraged to visit the camp while classes are in session. The night before graduations are designated “Parents Night”. This will be an opportunity to see the Cadets in action, and to spend about three hours in the evening with the Cadets here at Military Adventure Camp. All parents of Cadets who are on station are invited to come, even if their Cadet isn't graduating the next day.

Will my Cadet be able to take their medications during camp?

Yes. We have staff members who make sure our Cadets take their medication as required. Rather, we place their prescribed medications in a locked cabinet. Cadets needing to take their meds report to the medical staff at their prescribed time, and are observed taking their own medications, then sign a log book to ensure accountability. Parents are welcome to look over the log book at their request if they are concerned about frequency and time.

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