Dive All In
Camp Sousley programs are fully immersive.
Learn From The Best
Programs are modeled after real-world training.

Prepare and Explore

Camp Sousley is a privately operated, 52 acre training campus. Its flagship program, the Military Adventure Camp, offers a largely summer camp based exploration and preparatory experience to young adults/teens interested in the military or defense fields. Courses for the camp are modeled after real world Army, Marine, Navy, and Private Military training.

In the fall and spring, the entire campus is devoted to corporate retreats. We work with individual organizations to construct 1-5 day programs with non-stop action and team-building excercises. Retreats are available to organizations of any size and employees of any type.

Skills Learned at our military camp:

  • Tower and Cliff Rappelling
  • 10,000 Foot Airborne Jumps
  • Gas Mask Training
  • Self Defense/Martial Arts
  • Zodiac Seal Water Training
  • Water Raids in Full Gear
  • Urban and Rural Sniper Training
  • Drone Reconnaissance and Strikes
  • Hostile Environment Asset Protection

Our Courses

Programs are developed and taught by ex-navy seals, army rangers, and other prior military and law enforcement experienced individuals.
Our 1-2 week fully immersive programs for the Military Adventure Camp program are as close to the real thing as it gets. These adventure camps are designed to give participants a condensed training as a foundation for careers in the defense or military fields. Courses give participants a full understanding of what working in uniformed position is truly like, (even the parts they don't expect) allowing graduates of Camp Sousley courses to make more informed decisions for their careers.

Featured Programs

  • Basic Cadet Training

    Learn military drills, run obstacle courses, rappel, learn in-water survival and basic marksmanship at our two week basic training course.
  • Corporate Retreats

    Select from our course catalog to build your own experience for your team. Make it as intense or as long/short as you'd like.
  • Private Security

    Learn asset and executive protection at a program modeled after industry standards used by private military training programs.
  • Course Credits

    The Sousley Military Institute offers high school credit to participants course credits in Physical Education and Leadership.