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an Experience

Give your organization the team-building experience of a lifetime at Camp Sousley with an elite training done by ex-military and ex-police personnel. Complete realistic, dynamic, and immersive missions with your team to foster self and group leadership, communication, and high-risk situation collaboration. Each retreat is tailored specifically to an organization's needs regardless of size, experience, or physical aptitude. Camp Sousley can house, feed, clothe, and train up to 100 employees for 1-5 days.

A Pristine Campus

Camp Sousley is nestled in between the beautiful hills of Kentucky.

What a day at Sousley might look like:

  1. Meet and Greet. Introduction to Camp Sousley and tour of Franklin Sousley Museum.
  2. Learn Facing Movements. Standing in formation, the troops will learn right face, left face, half face type movements.
  3. Simon Says – using what they learned in Facing Movement, we will play a game of Military Simon Says.
  4. Tactical Paddle Boats – learning how to work as a team to successfully complete a competition will be taught.
  5. Breach and Clear – the troops will be taught how to enter a room military style.
  6. Take group pictures on Tank and ride on 1953 M37 Military vehicle.

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