Course Information

The Initial Entry Training for all new recruits whereby they are introduced to the basics of military training and life. Training is physically and mentally demanding, with heavy emphasis on personal accountability and teamwork. Each recruit is assigned to a platoon of 18-25 recruits lead by a Cadet Training Assistant and trained by a qualified Training Instructor. Recruits learn military drill and ceremonies, run the obstacle course, rappel, participate in water survival and learn basic marksmanship. Recruits must complete BCT to earn the title Cadet and wear the beret. BCT is also required for permanent promotion to Cadet Private First Class (C/PFC).

Program Pricing

BCT Session 1 | June 9 - June 22 | $2350

BCT Session 2 | June 23 - July 6 | $2350

BCT Session 3 | July 7 - July 20 | $2350

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