Course Information

An intense three-week program patterned after the patrolling and field skills curriculum taught during U.S. Navy's Seal training.

Cadets attending this program must be highly motivated and in excellent physical shape when arriving. The first week of CBO is an evaluation period; those not allowed to continue will transfer to the field skills portion of CBLC and continue with the Cadet Military Combatives Program after Cadet Tactical Leader's Course concludes. Cadets must have satisfactorily completed CRC to be eligible to attend this course. Graduates of CBS are awarded the Cadet SEAL tab.

Focuses during CBS include: leadership, field training, field training in mountainous terrain, field training with water elements, physical fitness, and personal responsibility.

Note: Cadets must achieve the MAC Advanced Physical Fitness Standard on the MCPFT, contained in Enclosure (3), in order to remain with CRS after the first week. The MAC Advanced Physical Fitness Standard is an overall score of 210 points, with no less than 60 points scored in each individual event.

Program Pricing

Cadet BUD/S School (CBS) - (Cadet BUD/S Orientation prerequisite) | July 1 - July 21 | $3250

CBO and Cadet BUD/S School | June 10 - July 21 | $6000

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