Course Information

Our Cadet Sniper School is a one week training event designed to develop modern, shooting skills with general purpose rifles, such as the AR-15. CSS is designed for shooters of all skill levels and ages. Attendees will learn safe firearm handling skills as well as how to be proficient with a weapon.

Participants will be deployed to a military instillation and learn from basic to advanced techniques. This course will benefit cadets without shooting experience, as well as veteran marksman. A strong emphasis is placed on sniper operational tactics, marksmanship skills, urban sniping, fieldcraft/stalking skills, data book entries, and observation/reporting techniques. A simulated live-fire stalking exercise is conducted placing snipers in an operational situation.

Program Pricing

Basic | July 15 - July 21 | $1550

Advanced | July 22 - July 28 | $1550

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