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Cadets wearing the cap of a Cadet Training Assistant carry the same burden. Gate keepers of the name “Cadet”, they are the right hands of the Cadre Drill Sgt's. They are responsible for ensuring the Recruits and Cadets keep marching straight, looking straight, keeping their rooms and common areas clean, and ensuring the mental and physical well-being of the Recruits and Cadets in their care. Sometimes they have to yell to get their point across, and sometimes they have to resort to using physical fitness training to drive learning. During their training, Cadet Training Assistants learn that as leaders, they have to responsibly to respectfully mold their charges into the Cadets they seek out to be. After all, they are their peers - and sometimes, you need someone your age to help get the message across.

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CTAA | June 3 - June 9 | $1950

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